DiscoBrick Lite

DiscoBrick Lite 1.1

Create dazzling visuals


  • 80 VFX styles
  • Image mapping and live video support
  • Create custom lists


  • May feel a little technical to some users

Create dazzling visuals

DiscoBrick is a standalone audio visualizer.
It visually responds to every note and beat of your audio captures, creating dazzling visual effects that are a treat to the eye, with 90+ Themes that could be enriched by your own pictures or live video.


- Support Stereo 3D on any active/passive/autostereo 3D TV or 3D device supporting SBS (side-by-side) stereo 3D;
- Works in Window, Fullscreen and in background as a Live Desktop;
- Uses default Audio Input (default Mic, Line-In or any other external input device recognized by OSX) with adjustable sensitivity;
- Optional Video Input using the built-in or external camera (if available);
- Textures in themes can be replaced with your own pictures, Flickr pictures and live video (if a camera is available);
- User Defined RSS URL feed to display news over visualization, in three cool fonts;
- Control Panel available in three size with predefined and custom skins;
- The Theme Manager help you to enable/disable and sort any theme you like to find your optimal sequence;
- Customizable framerate from low to high speed;

Hardware requirements:

- An active audio source, like internal or external mic, USB or line-in;
- A 32/64bit Intel Mac using at least OS X 10.6 (performance may vary depending on resolution and GPU), latest version was tested on 10.11 with XCode7;
- Optional: a camera can replace textures in realtime;
- Optional: an active/passive/autostereo 3D TV/Projector hardware for 3D stereo display.

Health Warning:
DiscoBrick can create flashing lights which may not be suitable for photosensitive epilepsy

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DiscoBrick Lite


DiscoBrick Lite 1.1

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